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The HDF5 Mesh prototype is a higher-level API for storing and retrieving structured and unstructured "mesh" data typical of applications such as computational fluid dynamics, finite element analysis, and visualization.

This project was an effort to establish a standard way to store simple mesh data. It was done in collaboration with and implemented by CEI, based on CEI's API for reading and writing mesh data in its EnSight Visualization software.

A gzipped tar file, CEI-HDF5MeshAPI.tar.gz, containing the source code, documentation, example data, and example programs using the API, is available.

Please note that this software has not been updated in many years. It has not seen significant adoption, and has been superseded by other formats that use HDF5. If you are planning to use CEI tools (such as Ensight), you should consider other formats that use HDF5 as the underlying storage (eg. CGNS, MOAB , Silo, XDMF, etc..). The APIs used by these applications are more advanced than the proposed 2002 HDF5 Mesh API and many include better support for parallel (blocked) mesh I/O.

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