HDF 4.2r0 Known Problems and Workarounds

Windows: Can't Build Multithreaded HDF4 Library without SZIP

To build HDF4 without the SZIP library, the instructions specify to comment out the following line in h4config.h:

  #define H4_HAVE_LIBSZ 1
However, this fails, trying to open 'szlib.lib'.

The solution is to not only comment out the above line but to comment out an additional line:

 #define H4_HAVE_SZLIB_H 1
 #define H4_HAVE_LIBSZ 1
If you wish to test the HDF4 tools, you will also need to remove szlib.lib from the external libraries linked from the ALL project in the project settings.

Shared Libraries

With HDF 4.2r0, you cannot build shared libraries. We are working on this.

Problem with Reading SZIP Compressed Datasets

There are numerous problems with SZIP in HDF 4.2r0. We recommend that you not use it at this time. We are addressing these problems with the next release of HDF4.2, due out in the first quarter of 2005.

Linux Fedora

HDF 4.2r0 was not tested on Linux Fedora. Although users have been able to build at least the C library on Linux Fedora, some problems have been encountered. Here are comments reported by users:

Known Problems at Release Time

Known Problems with HDF 4.1r5