Title of Project

Award Number


The Department of Defense Major Shared Resource Centers PET Program

Standard File Formats for Visualization

Army NRC 0004

1001A, Army NRC

0004 1001B

10/1999 - 9/2001

The Department of Energy's ASCI Data Models and Formats Group of the Lawrence Livermore, Los Alamos, and Sandia National Labs

HDF Support for ASCI Program

Development of DMF Transformation Library

DOE LLNL B336675, DOE SNL B527300 (current)

6/1997 - 7/2006

NASA Earth Sciences Information Partnerships and University of Rhode Island DODS Project

The Distributive Oceanographic Datasystem: A Framework for Access to scheduled data in the EOS Federation


5/1998 - 3/2001

Hughes Information Technology Corporation: EOSDIS Core System

Support for HDF Configuration Records for EOS/DIS

NASA Hughes 301864

3/1996 - 08/1999

Microsoft Corporation

Microsoft HDF5 Support


7/1998 - 6/2003

NASA Ames Information PowerGrid

Scalable Data Access Technologies for The Information Powergrid

9619019 NASA

6/1998 - 9/2001

NASA Applied Information Research Program

Support for Large datasets in EOSDIS

NASA NAG 5-6723

12/1994 - 12/1997

NASA Earth Science Data and Information System Project

Provide support for the ESDIS Project and the EOSDIS Standard Data Format

NASA NAG NNG05GC60A (current)

08/1992 - 7/2006

NASA IITA: Digital Libraries Project

Test applications and digital library technologies in support of public access to earth and space science data


12/1995 - 12/1998

Unidata and National Science Foundation

Merging NetCDF and HDF5 Libraries to address gains in Performance and Interoperability

UCAR sub-contract No. S03-38820

5/2004 - 8/2005

National Science Foundation and NetCDF

Adding the NetCDF Data Model to HDF

ASC 9201564

6/1991 - 10/1993

Phillips Petroleum

HDF Support for Phillips Petroleum

Phillips Industrial Supercomputing Program Research

2/1993 - 1/1994

The State of Illinois

Support for NCSA Alliance and Teragrid Data Management


6/1995 - 7/2006

Sci Dac

Programming Models for Scalable Parallel Computing

DOE DEFC02-01ER 25508

9/2001 - 9/2006

Project 30

Accessing Space Science Data Using the Internet


02/1997 - 09/1999


Software capitalization:

National and Distributional Support

NSF ASC 90-20884

10/1990 - 09/1994


Extracting Space/Time Information from Large Image Files

98 Boeing Extracting Space/Time

12/1996 - 10/1999


Port HDF5 to Open VMS O/S

2005 Boeing Open VMS

3/2005 - 12/2006


Variable Length Array Storage

2003 Boeing Variable Length

4/2003 - 3/2005