HDF 5s

HDF® 5s is a special edition of HDF software that gives the optimal performance and maximum interoperability with Bigdata technology (e.g., Apache Spark/Hadoop, Elasticsearch, etc). The use of this software requires enterprise license agreement from The HDF Group. Please contact sales@hdfgroup.org to purchase license. There will be ABSOLUTELY NO SUPPORT or WARRANTY for this software unless you purchase the license.



If you downloaded the two connector jar files only, please put them under jars/ directory of your Spark (e.g., spark-2.2.0-bin-hadoop2.7/jars/).


Put the NASA file under /tmp directory. Then, run

$spark-2.3.0-SNAPSHOT-bin-hdf5s-0.0.1/bin/spark-shell -i demo.scala

Contact sales@hdfgroup.org for user's guide.