HDF ESDIS PROJECT (through September 2015)

Note: This describes a previous ESDIS project. The HDF Group is currently involved in the follow-on ESDIS project.

HDF format is the standard file format for storing data from NASA's Earth Observing System (EOS) mission, which is the data gathering system of sensors (mainly satellites) supporting the Global Climate Change Research Program. The goal of Earth Science Data and Information System (ESDIS) project is to ensure that the HDF Group can provide high quality support and services for the use of HDF software in EOS mission. The collaboration between NASA and the NCSA HDF group started in 1992 and still continues.

Through the Subcontract under Raytheon Contract funded by NASA, The HDF Group carries out work in the following four broad areas:

Current Project Goals

NASA's Earth Observing System (EOS)

HDF-EOS Tools and Information Center

ESDIS project plays a vital role in maintaining the longer-term, high quality development and maintenance for HDF software. The high quality HelpDesk support, documentation, tool developments and supports of HDF5 and every aspect of HDF4 supports are all blessed by the stable, contiguous funding flow from NASA ESDIS project.

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